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Pumping of liquids and pressurized air

Pumps, compressors, and vacuum generators face high requirements in a wide variety of applications, some of them very challenging – ranging from small systems to large plants. Aspects such as the following are in the foreground:

  • High, continuous operating safety, long and uninterrupted operating life
  • High level of process reliability
  • High efficiency
  • Highly effective
  • Large torque ranges
  • High precision and excellent running properties
  • High vibration damping
  • Low-noise operation
  • Minimized friction
  • High wear resistance even in challenging process conditions and optimal corrosion-resistance to aggressive media
  • Easy maintenance, simple and safe installation and removal
  • High profitability
  • High cost efficiency, cost reduction

Whether in machine and large plant construction, automotive construction or medical technology systems and analytic equipment: Wherever pumps are used to deliver liquids, compressors are used to compress gases, or vacuum pressure is generated, Spieth products play a key role in ensuring perfect function, more power, reliability, and a long service life. They ensure that even components exposed to heavy loads and extreme operating conditions offer wear-resistance, reliable operation and profitability.

Spieth products and solutions in use

  • Vacuum generation and process gas delivery
  • Pumps and flow meters
  • Compressor systems

Practical applications

Precision adjusting nut for setting the clearance of high-performance rotors in screw compressors

The demands placed on modern screw compressors continue to grow. To remain competitive, manufacturers must consistently improve the energy efficiency of their systems while ensuring their reliability and performance. The technological leader in compressed air compressors uses Spieth precision locking nuts optimized for challenging installation conditions in its newest generation of compressors, to precisely adjust low-friction bearings in combination with the assembly’s optimized rotor profile and reduce friction to a minimum. In addition, the flow-optimized geometry ensures sufficient lubricant supply reaches the bearings. The unique Spieth principle ensures outstanding axial run-out and highly precise positioning thanks to a high retention value, making a key contribution to increasing energy efficiency, ensuring low-noise operation, and guaranteeing a reliable service life.

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