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About us

Absolute quality and micrometre precision – this is our commitment when it comes to mechanical connecting, bearing and locking solutions for drive and guide components.

In order to continuously improve our high quality standards, we use a quality management system in all areas of our business. ISO 9001 certification endorses the effectiveness of the quality management system and guarantees that our customers will receive the highest possible levels of quality at all times.

As an innovative technological leader and medium-sized company, Spieth has been developing, producing and selling precision elements for mechanical and plant engineering since 1953. The unique and multi-patented Spieth machine elements are used by all well-known manufacturers of machine tools and plant engineers around the world. Spieth locknuts, clamping sets, guide bushings, guide gibs, radial plain bearings and clamping nuts offer a clear advantage for users in terms of safety, performance and economic efficiency.

Spieth quality – global availability, global advantage
There’s no limit to the Spieth Principle: Spieth products are ready for challenging tasks all over the world. Our local sales partners are ready to support you – anywhere in the world, anytime.


The unique Spieth principle ensures that everything runs smoothly. For example, our rotationally symmetrical shaft-hub connections transmit drive power with even greater precision with concentric run-out. The improved running characteristics reduce vibrations in the entire system and allow for higher precision and higher speeds. Post-processing costs can be reduced and productivity can be increased.

Spieth machine elements – Precision made in Germany

Precision, durability, availability and low assembly and production costs – Spieth offers unique operational excellence like no other with drive components and guide components for mechanical engineering.

That is why we also have our entire production process from A to Z in-house: we manufacture all of our precision parts in Esslingen in Germany using state-of-the-art production, testing and control procedures. The modern machinery that we use consists of precision machinery for turning, grinding, honing and thread-cutting, guaranteeing the narrowest of tolerances.

Only in this way can we ensure that the precision mechanical elements that we manufacture fulfil our absolute quality standards down to millimetre precision and meet our customers' demands.

We offer you precision down to the last detail with our extensive standard product range that is always available from stock – "made in Germany" quality. The Spieth global sales team ensures global availability through our Esslingen headquarters and nine international agencies in local markets.

Flexibility from experience - in dialogue with customers

We continue to develop our products and push precision to the limits of what is feasible because we are never satisfied with what we have achieved. We develop our high-tech connecting elements with a high level of flexibility for the changing and increasing demands within mechanical and plant engineering. We are able to supply products and services with high added value thanks to our extensive industry experience in machine tool building through to plant engineering as well as the close cooperation with our customers.


Spieth Experts: Consulting and engineering expertise

Alongside the outstanding functionality and quality of Spieth precision elements, our internal technical sales team and experienced sales engineers provide extensive consulting – from the design phase through to the practical implementation on the machine tool. This allows us to provide you with solutions that meet your current requirements while at the same time giving you the option to plan for the next stage of development.

We can advise on how to optimise the integration of connecting elements into your system and how to ensure reliable functionality in the connection environment. In the case of complex tasks, we work together with you – on-site if necessary – to develop a tailor-made solution

Special solutions from the original Spieth manufacturer

As an original manufacturer of Spieth products, we are able to offer special tailor-made solutions based on the well-known Spieth diaphragm system thanks to the expertise and experience of our engineering specialists.

We use modern simulation techniques and practice-orientated test methods for the development of our precision parts. Our processes and developments are ground-breaking thanks to the combination of theoretical scientific knowledge and practical experience gained from many industries.

Spieth patents

Spieth's internationally recognised engineering expertise is demonstrated not least by the fact that we hold numerous patents for many of our innovations in Germany and abroad. In this way we ensure the quality of our solutions and make sure that the original technology is protected and identifiable worldwide under the name Spieth.


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Product finder

Product finder | Find the right product for your application quick and reliable ...