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Corrosion protection

SPIETH bietet Spannsätze und Stellmuttern mit einem skalierbaren Korrosionsschutz

SPIETH Bietet Spannsätze und Stellmuttern mit genau dem Korrosionsschutz, den Maschinenbauer und Anwender brauchen: von verschiedenen Beschichtungen bis hin zu Edelstahl-Ausführungen.

Corrosion protection | Corrosion-resistant clamping sets and adjusting nuts from Spieth, precise for any application

Precise position, corrosion protection


Corrosion resistance is an important requirement for machines and their components, for instance in areas like food processing, fluid technology or packaging machine construction, where high process reliability, precision, efficiency and easy maintenance are key. Now, there is a solution to meet these requirements.

Corrosion protection and precision: exact for any application
Spieth-Maschinenelemente GmbH & Co. KG now offers clamping sets and adjusting nuts with exactly the corrosion protection machine builders and users need: from various coatings to stainless steel designs. Thanks to this “scalable corrosion protection,” in conjunction with Spieth precision, the machine elements are certain to fulfill increased safety requirements in challenging applications. Corrosion-resistant solutions have already convinced customers, for instance, in the areas of food processing, fluid technology, packaging machines, automation and handling thanks to high process reliability, precision, efficiency, and easy maintenance.

Clamping sets: precise and corrosion-resistant
Precise, corrosion-protected Spieth clamping sets are used by large customers in industries where high requirements for corrosion-resistance are the norm. A leading manufacturer of drink filling systems, for instance, uses Spieth stainless steel clamping sets.

In this application, PET bottles (for mineral water and soft drinks, for instance) are controlled via a star wheel during the production and filling process, held by only a very small area of the neck. Exact positioning is essential in this kind of application. Our corrosion-resistant clamping sets offer precise adjustment without axial offset – results can be reproduced quickly and reliably during any disassembly and reassembly. If maintenance is required, exactly the same position can be set once again – without complex and time-consuming adjustments. The combination of high concentricity and precise adjustment was ultimately the reason the customer chose to use Spieth clamping sets – these clamping sets, manufactured fully from stainless steel, were the only solution to offer this range of performance, while also adding impressive profitability. 

Adjusting nuts: “scalable corrosion protection” – Coating or stainless steel
For industries where corrosion resistance is essential, Spieth offers adjusting nuts both with different galvanic or chemical coatings as well as in stainless steel versions. The precision nuts can also be adapted precisely to meet challenging requirements, and the required corrosion protection can be “scaled” to meet customer needs. Individual consulting facilitates highly cost-efficient solutions. The proven Spieth principle helps customers achieve these solutions, with an optimal focus on threads that offers the best possible retention values and unrivalled breakaway torques. In addition, they receive high axial rigidity, outstanding concentricity and more functional safety, even under heavy loads and with high levels of dynamism. Corrosion-protected adjusting nuts by Spieth fulfill high-end demands, are REACH and RoHS ordinance conforming, and offer high profitability. The different coating options have proven their corrosion resistance in comprehensive salt spray tests.

Solution partner for more precision and safety
“In applications where reliability is important, corrosion-resistant products are essential for process stability and continuous operation of machines and systems with the fewest possible interruptions” explains Spieth Managing Director Dipl.-Ing. Alexander Hund. “As a technological leader and solution partner, we do our own research in the area of corrosion protection. We use that research as the basis for offering our customers the right solutions for challenging tasks, as well as individual advising. By combining precision with scalable corrosion protection, Spieth products provide more productivity and more safety.

Corrosion-resistant clamping sets and adjusting nuts by Spieth are tested in accordance with DIN ISO 9227.


  • Packaging machines
  • Fluid technology
  • Pumps
  • Filling plants
  • Food processing
  • Automation, handling


Corrosion-resistant clamping sets and adjusting nuts – Benefits

  • Precisely adapted corrosion protection for any application
  • From various coatings to stainless steel designs
  • Market leaders regarding loads and precisions
  • Consultung and design for any application
  • Product validation with respect to function (axial force and torque)
  • Testing for corrosion protection in accordance with DIN EN ISO 9227 (salt spray test)
  • Adherence to statutory requirements (REACH/RoHS)
  • Responsibility for health and the environment

Analysis in accordance with DIN EN ISO 10289 or your requirements possible at any time

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