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Secure bearing lock: save 50% of installation space and more


Working spindle for highest precision and smooth running properties

Working spindle for highest precision and smooth running properties

Driven tool with ultra-flat locknuts

Driven tool with ultra-flat locknuts

The Spieth principle

(Left) In conventional solutions, the force is applied at individual points. They are therefore inefficient, inaccurate and less secure. / (Right) The SPIETH principle provides a uniform grip all around. It is efficient, highly precise and safe.

"More performance in the smallest installation space" - the Esslingen-based clamping specialist SPIETH is presenting ultra-flat locknuts at the AMB, which withstand the highest loads in the smallest installation space. Innovations for the machine and tool construction of the future are characterized by increasing functional density with minimized installation space requirements. The use of ultra-flat locknuts from SPIETH opens up completely new possibilities for developers and designers in the field of machine tool construction. Customized engineering is used to implement solutions that are individually designed for all application parameters.

More performance in the smallest installation spaces. SPIETH engineers know how to do it. Using the latest FEM simulation tools, they develop efficient solutions for customers, when speeds and power densities increase, the installation space available in machines decreases and yet the highest safety and quality requirements must still be met. For many years, the Swabian mechanical engineering specialists have been setting standards for locknuts, clamping sets and clamping elements so that everything runs smoothly and with high precision: from the initial consultation up to the series production of individual and industry-specific special solutions. Renowned customers come with complex problems that no other provider can solve. That is exactly where SPIETH plays to their strengths offering high-end engineering and experience. The result is innovative products and solutions that open up enormous potential for customers.

More precision, safety and efficiency - 50% installation space savings and more
SPIETH locknuts are ideal for securing bearings, not only in work spindles or driven tools in machine tool construction, but wherever high speeds have to be achieved. For maximum productivity in highly dynamic applications, maximum precision, smooth running, durability and easy maintenance must be ensured. When it comes to securing the bearings for tools and work spindles, conventional shaft nuts (according to DIN 981) or systems with radial locking devices often reach their limits. Any asymmetries that occur can lead to imbalance and vibrations. High rotation speeds also cause the locknut to expand. In the worst case, a loss of bearing preload and thus a system failure is possible.

"To prevent this, our customers have been relying on the proven SPIETH principle for decades. What is new is that we have managed to offer individual customer solutions that take up 50% less installation space than our existing portfolio. What that essentially means is that our customers continue to benefit from the advantages of our SPIETH principle - i.e. high breakaway torques, optimum alignment on the thread and perfect axial runout - and at the same time the installation space can be reduced by 50 percent and more. This means that SPIETH locknuts can also be integrated in future applications where this was previously not possible due to the limited installation space. ", says SPIETH Managing Director Dipl.-Ing. Alexander Hund, explaining the clear advantages of the innovative SPIETH solution. With ultra-flat locknuts, engineers and designers can thus save significant installation space without sacrificing performance when securing bearings. A clear competitive advantage.

Highest securing values (breakaway torque) at high speed
SPIETH says that with its locknuts, it offers the highest breakaway torques on the market. This means that they guarantee excellent axial run-out properties and the most reliable bearing locks even at high speeds. "We are pleased that, thanks to our decades of user experience, we are able to realize solutions that are individually tailored to customer requirements and can be accommodated even in the smallest of installation spaces - for example in driven tools, work spindles, rotary tables or screw compressors," says Dr. Ing. Heiko Alxneit, Head of Product Management at SPIETH.

Engineering partner for developments with a future

SPIETH has been an engineering partner to the mechanical and plant engineering industry for many years and is valued for its extensive international industry experience and profound understanding of applications. The technical office and experienced sales engineers look after customers from the initial idea right up to the finished machine and system. Customized solutions are developed in close dialogue, which shortens design processes and development times, increases the process reliability of the machines and systems and at the same time offers economic advantages. During development, the company relies on powerful FEM simulation tools that provide reliable, meaningful values for optimizations, which means fewer prototypes are needed. The company uses the latest high-end measurement technology and test bench technology, carries out its own development studies and tests the products both in the laboratory and under the toughest practical conditions.

SPIETH combines scientific knowledge with practical experience. Solutions are constantly being improved in a customer-oriented manner. In this way, SPIETH offers precision, performance and added value that pays off for the mechanical engineering of the future.

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