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Copies can cost you

In light of claims that have arisen with end users, we need to point out to you that there are inferior reproductions of Spieth products on the market.


Spieth – the original

Invented, developed, optimised. Know-how built up over 6 decades of experience. We control these parts and can also offer special solutions and service.

Original Spieth parts can always be recognised as such by the following distinguishing marks:

  • Logo
  • Batch number
  • Name

Copies bear no distinguishing marks

Should you come across a clamping set with no distinguishing marks or only some of the above-mentioned distinguishing marks and/or the marks are of an inferior quality, you can assume that it is a copy/plagiarism.

Then you can expect the following problems:

  • Poor concentric run-out
  • Low locking effect
  • Uncertain performance
  • Problems with assembly/disassembly

Clamping set copy broke during use.

This locknut copy broke despite proper use (assembly).

Broken copy of clamping element.

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