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A solution for everything: Innovative connection technology with the Spieth principle is the key to the reliable, safe and economic operation of modern machinery and systems, even in complex areas of application.


Our solutions meet the toughest demands with high precision, reduce failure rates and increase machine operating times in areas where conventional products reach their limits. Take advantage of your Spieth connection experts.

Transmission of torques

Transmission of radial forces

Transmission of axial forces

Generation of axial clamping forces

Cylindrical sliding surface

Flat sliding surface

Bearings for linear movements

Bearings for rotational movements

Bearings for screw movements

Locking thread

Connection can be released quickly and easily

Meets high demands in terms of precision

Specific assembly and disassembly benefits

Easy to set and adjust

The Spieth product range: precision and diversity

We manufacture our products within tolerance ranges of one thousandth of a millimetre. We continuously ensure our premium quality for the high demands of our customers on modern test benches.

Our wide product range of locknuts, clamping sets, guide bushings, guide gibs, radial plain bearings and clamping nuts in several thousand different versions for a wide range of applications is available worldwide through Spieth partners and our headquarters in Germany. A warehouse with all standard precision element products for mechanical and plant engineering ensures quick and flexible deliveries at attractive prices.


Special designs on request

Special solutions are our speciality: whether it's precision nuts with a high-quality locking system, friction-locked shaft-hub connections, round guidance, adjustable guides or multilobe bearings with adjustable play or clamping nuts that transmit high axial forces through the mechanical clamping force ratio.

Thanks to our technological expertise, experience and understanding from many industries, we provide individual solutions for specific requirements and problems in mechanical and plant engineering. Precise, reliable and economical. Virtually any Spieth products that have ever been produced are still available today as special elements.


Expertise for efficient connections

Spieth is your solutions partner with comprehensive expertise when it comes to

  • Transmitting torques, radial forces and axial forces,
  • Producing axial clamping forces,
  • Producing cylindrical or flat sliding surfaces,
  • Bearings for linear, rotating screw movements,
  • Meeting high precision requirements,
  • Realising specific assembly and disassembly benefits,
  • Securing threads,
  • Establishing connections that can be released quickly and easily,
  • Establishing connections that can be set and adjusted easily.

The unique Spieth principle provides connection solutions with unsurpassed precision and reliability.

We are here to help you | Our team is looking forward to your task. Contact us. We make the right solution for your requirements a reality.

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Product finder

Product finder | Find the right product for your application quick and reliable ...