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Spieth locknuts are precision nuts with a high-quality locking system (premium thread-locking).

Spieth locknuts with the unique Spieth principle can be set exactly to the demanding tasks in mechanical engineering with extreme precision and even clamping forces on the thread flanks.

Spieth products are characterized by a high-class quality and precision. To easily identify the product suitable for the requirements of your individual application you may use the product finder available on our website.

Being your partner for R&D we are anytime pleased to also discuss with you about tailor-made special solutions, meeting exactly the demands of your specific design challenge.


Best concentricity results on spindles

Thanks to their perfect functionality, they easily overcome the increasing dynamic demands and power densities of modern machine designs – and are thus developed with operating efficiency in mind. Spieth locknuts are available in various different versions.

Spieth locknuts show their strength when "things are really moving." They ensure optimum concentricity on spindles. The combination of production precision and the diaphragm system developed by Spieth gives the locknuts their unique performance capacity.

The relevant functional supports, such as the load thread, locking thread and end face, are inseparable components of the body of the nut and are produced in a single setting with high precision. The diaphragm lock ensures that this precision is achieved when assembled in your application result and that it is also retained throughout its operation.

Areas of application and examples of use

Spieth locknuts are used in all sectors of mechanical engineering. Precision, reliability, rigidity and ease of use are key aspects in the design of a threaded connection. Spieth nuts are always the first choice whenever at least one of these aspects is required – for example:

  • In chipping, forming and cutting machine tools.
  • In handling and automation technology.
  • In conveyor technology.
  • In general drive technology and transmissions.
  • In fixture construction.
  • In packaging machinery.
  • In compressors and pumps.
  • In printing machinery and paper technology.
  • In textile machinery.
  • In woodworking machinery.
  • In press construction.
  • In process technology for mixing, crushing and centrifugation.
  • With measurement, control and testing technology.

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Product finder | Find the right product for your application quick and reliable.


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Product finder

Product finder | Find the right product for your application quick and reliable ...