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THE SPIETH PRINCIPLE: An all-round friction-locked connection

Conventional solutions: force initiation at individual points – more inefficient, imprecise and less reliable.

The Spieth principle: an even frictional connection all-round – efficient, highly precise and reliable.

Spieth connecting components are one-piece, rotationally symmetrical elements that fulfil their clamping, gripping, locking and guiding functions thanks to their elastic deformation. Axial force is applied to them to activate the function. As a result of the elements' geometry, all elastic movements are made with maximum symmetry and take advantage of the high production quality of the Spieth components to align the connection.

The Spieth principle was developed by the company founder Rudolf Spieth and has been perfected down to the last detail over more than 60 years. Today it is the basis for perfect and efficient mechanical connecting, clamping, guiding, bearing and locking solutions in mechanical and plant engineering.

The Spieth principle in locknuts

The function of the Spieth principle is simply more intelligent and efficient: our mechanical precision nuts provide a friction-locked connection all-round instead of at a few individual points and, as a result, are evenly distributed. For maximum precision and economical results.

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The Spieth principle – your benefits

  • Enables high clamping forces for locking with protection of the connecting parts at the same time.
  • Optimum locking effect.
  • Suitable for high speeds.
  • Precision on finished parts is retained during assembly due to the principle involved.
  • High axial run-out accuracy.
  • Coaxial end position.
  • Fast and precise assembly.
  • Micro-movements are drastically reduced.
  • High dynamic loading capacity and rigidity.

Play in thread flanks can be set to zero

The "Spieth design" has been providing users with the reliability of absolutely flat contact surfaces and high axial rigidity for many years by reducing the play in thread flanks by means of an optional adjustment.

This not only ensures 100% axial run-out but also ensures uniform thread flank loads and thus reliable functionality even with maximum forces and high dynamics.

If the locknut is in position, it can be adjusted and thus centred by tightening the mounted screws. It can then be placed completely flat onto the surface to be secured after this so-called release of play.

The nut is now safeguarded against changes thanks to the final tightening of the screws. The fixing can be easily released at any time and then fixed again onto the same shaft. The user therefore has complete control of the assembly results at all times.

The Spieth principle in clamping sets – shaft-hub connections

The shaft-hub connection is based on an intermediary Spieth element with the "Spieth design" principle. Axial clamping force initiation is converted into all-round, uniform radial clamping force that increases the frictional resistance of the contact surfaces such that a corresponding transmission of force is possible with maximum concentricity thanks to the operating principle of the Spieth elements.

The frictional connection or flow of forces is often just restricted to individual points with a large number of conventional shaft-hub connection solutions. Other variants, on the other hand, have an unsymmetrical structure, where the forces are transmitted very unevenly with an impact on the precision and reliability of the connection.

The "Spieth design" provides users with absolutely flat and concentric contact surfaces and high axial rigidity with unrivalled precision thanks to the unusual geometry of the cylinder clamping sets.

Self-centring clamping sets – shaft-hub connections

  • High concentricity without balancing problems thanks to the rotationally symmetrical, self-centring design – without grooves and slots.
  • A secure connection between shafts and hubs that can be released and reused at any time.
  • Time-saving assembly and disassembly.
  • Reliable bearing function with locknuts: evenly clamped thread flanks all-round ensure high dynamic locking value and high axial rigidity.
  • The play in the thread flanks can be reduced to zero resulting in absolutely flat contact surfaces and axial run-out even in an assembled state.
  • Reliable and convenient application of high axial forces with clamping nuts. The use of rotating spindles is possible.
  • Perfect adjustment of play on radial plain bearings and guide gibs as well as with an additional clamping function on guide bushings.

Users can rely 100% on the Spieth principle, thus achieving optimum machine and system performance.

The Spieth principle in guiding bushings

Axial force must be applied to activate guide bushings. A tight fit to one of the partners, usually the hub, is specifically created here through an exact fit selection to the connecting parts with the aid of the resulting radial stretch of the element (Spieth principle). Only additional axial force needs to be applied to make an adjustment to the play on the partner that has moved.

  • The guiding tolerance can be optimally set during assembly.
  • Precisely centred adjustments to the play and/or small geometric errors in the surrounding parts can be taken into account.
  • The set guiding tolerance can be repeated as often as desired and in the exact position with assembly and servicing procedures.
  • The high-quality sliding materials ensure a long service life.
  • Adjustments to the play can be made at any time by means of axial feed.

Spieth Mechanical Precision Elements for your Constructions

Spieth machine elements are constantly setting new standards in terms of precision, functionality, stability, ease of assembly and economic efficiency. Spieth manufactures with tolerances down to thousandths of a millimetre and uses "precision by principle" for everything. Simply download the CAD data sets.

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